Residential Design

Our homes reflect our personal connection with the world. Design With Nature works with you to create beautiful year-round spaces and gardens that reflect your tastes and desires, incorporating native plants and using organic, sustainable landscape practices to expand  outdoor living possibilities where you live.

Lake Oswego Backyard Habitat Garden

This new landscape design installation transforms a yard that was heavily covered with juniper into a woodland setting that features 95% native plants to attract birds, a serene pond that captures stormwater from the roof and 3 terraced beds in the sun to grow food and pollinator flowers.

Southwest Portland Backyard Garden Design

This design resolves a soggy back yard by creating a rain garden to capture runoff. The design creates a new patio space with a bubbling water feature nearby and curving garden borders for favorite perennials, raised edible garden boxes and a quiet place to sit in the shade garden. Collaboration with Plan-it Earth Design.

Southwest Portland Front and Back Garden Design

This garden addresses a desire for creating a more accessible garden for caring for an aging parent, low maintenance more curb appeal and addressing a very wet backyard problem.  This design  provided a new accessible driveway walkway entrance to the house.  A new patio and accessible walkways were provided in the backyard. Lawn is reduced to create a more interesting backdrop of plantings to view. Plantings are designed for water loving shaded areas as well as sunny banks and to attract birds. Collaboration with Plani-it Earth Design.

Mt Tabor Backyard Garden, Portland

This garden was designed to combine an edible landscape with “naturescaping" incorporating many native flowering shrubs for birds and bees. It features native hedgerow habitats, a bee hive, several fruit trees and berry shrubs, along with a fenced veggie garden protected from friendly roaming chickens.

Yard, Garden & Patio Show 2014 - Permaculture Edible Garden Display

Our "Abundant Nature" display garden illustrates permaculture food growing practices for the home gardener and "naturescaping" design principles.  Features of the garden include an herb spiral, guild garden, keyhole garden, worm bin bench, cold frame, top bar bee hive and perennial food plants. Collaboration with Plan-it Earth Design, River City Gardens and AnnieBam Landscape Solutions.

Ladd’s Addition Corner Garden, Portland

Whole Garden design designed a fence to create personal outdoor space with an artistic patio to enjoy a lush sun garden surrounding it. An edible landscape with fruit trees, blueberries and raised beds are  provided on the side yard, and rain gardens are provided in the front to capture rain from the roof.

Southwest Portland side yard

This design combines a side play yard to accommodate 2 dogs and 2 children. Logs and stone are incorporated for childrens play which includes a tree house and sandbox.